#40 White Girls

Posted March 19th, 2008 by Peter · 5 Comments

Peter says:


Before we begin, if you haven’t read the overarching Post #26, check it out before reading this post or any posts for that matter. Then you’ll get why this whole white guys, white girls, white people business. Thanks! Now on with the talk: Asian guys love girls. Sure, there are plenty of asian girls to go around, but in recent years, a threatening epidemic has raged throughout suburban areas all over the United States.

leftHave you ever wondered why asian girls can date white guys, but it’s rare to see an asian guy with a white girl? This isn’t because asian guys are not attracted to white girls. On the contrary, white girls are many times the secret fantasy of any Twinkie. No, this is not a partially-hydrogenated pastry, but the asian guy who has a bunch of white friends and does the things white guys do. There’s one problem: He’s stuck in an asian body. Twinkies can be compared to a single kitten growing up in the midst of puppies. Twinkies feel like they are puppies because they are enculturated and they like what other puppies like, including the female dogs. Due to this immersion, Asians end up adopting white beauty standards. (but the same isn’t reciprocated by white girls.)

The fact of the matter is that most white girls do not even see asian guys as “dateable.” They would rather ask them for help with math homework, gaming tips, or fashion advice. They wouldn’t ever want an intimate relationship, leaving one lingering question: What causes this white obsession?

The media has a greater influence on asians than they want to admit. The minute asians turn on the tube, out pops all they need to know about being “hot,” “cool,” and “hip.” They also find considerable beauty in large eyes, a thinner pointed nose, a longer face, and fair skin. An increasing amount of asian pop stars are even having surgery to look more like this. However, these are distinctly Caucasian beauty standards. Why else are white males so exciting?

They’re more exotic and promiscuous. But then again, who says that asian guys aren’t exciting? Who wouldn’t want to have a lobster dinner, talk about current events, AND finish their Advanced Calculus Homework (all the while getting their computer reformatted) during the same date? Asian guys sure know how to live it up!

Asian guys would also love to date a white girl, but can’t. White guys, on the other hand, love to date asian women and can. There are immense differences in preferences and motivation among these genders. When asian guys talk about “Bleach” to white girls, they immediately think “hair product,” before they realize the guy is talking about that book he is reading from right to left (manga). When asian guys talk about meeting after school, it isn’t to make out. It’s to finish up a school project. Asian guys just seem too nerdy.

There is hope: Culture is constantly changing. It still turns heads when we see an asian guy with a white girl, but American-born asian guys just seem a bit more “cool” than they used to be. Movies like Harold and Kumar go to White Castle overturn stereotypes by having asian guys star in stoner films.

What usually happens to asian guys, however, is not that they get white girls, but that their tastes start to change. Though asians’ environments shape early inclinations, their thoughts start to change as they continue to develop as people. Some asians will realize that their love for white girls is only a far-fetched dream during an awkward stage in life. Others will continue their pursuit and ultimately fail, but some will succeed. These asians prove that: Asian Guys most definitely like White Girls.

Written by BananaBoy and Peter.


36 responses to “#40 White Girls

  1. If this is simply a question of “White beauty standards”, when then do so many White women date Black men?

    Clearly there is something you’re missing here.

  2. tenniscutie1208

    I agree with some of this. But just because an Asian guy would want to date a white girl doesn’t mean that most of the people he hangs out with are white. My boyfriend is Taiwanese and all of his friends in high school were Asian, but at our university, there weren’t a whole lot of Asians, but we were friends with the Asians that were there along with other nationalities. and my boyfriend told me that one reason he likes dating white girls is because their families are a lot less strict and the girls are less uptight.

  3. This is bull shit.

  4. OK, Filipino guy here. I am what is called by other Filipinos as Mestizo… the term “mestizo” originally bore the connotation of mixed Spaniard and indigenous Filipino. In short I look like a white boy. As with many asians, I have a very large extended family. In the neighborhood where I grew up, I was the only asian on the block among my peers. In fact, this trend continued through high-school. Growing up (1970s-1980s) my non-asian friends, and peers in school were quick to label me as asian, or something less euphimistic. My filipino cousins all thought of me as a white boy. So, you could say I grew up with somewhat of an identity crisis. It was a natural progression for me to date mainly ‘white girls’. My experience in the DC suburbs was that of being a lone asian. Being that my peers were predominantly white or black, I dated within that pool. I matured with an ‘exotic’ look that many races find appealing. My ex-wife is white, my current wife is white. I never considered any white girl I have had a relationship with as some sort of trophy to wave at my filipino homies, but I can say my relatives did question my penchant for dating non-asians. I admit some of my cousins were envious. I really did not think anything of it until recently. I just think my dating choices were natural considering my peer group.

  5. This Texas white boy has always been powerfully attracted to Asian women – since I was a teenager on the farm far from any Asians. It must be biological. I even think Asian kids are cuter. I’ve noticed that in the gay porno stuff on-line that Asian young guys are lusted after by white gay men too.
    Can’t explain any of it but I’ve always said that to me, if you put a very nice looking Asian girl next to a knockout Anglo, I would always find the Asian more attractive and my life experience has shown that to remain true for me.
    So, Viva you gorgeous Asian girls! I love you all.

  6. White (I think)

    Beauty standards dictate that White men are the “pinnacle”.
    Stereotypically at least, black men exhibit many of the characteristics that were supposed to make white men the pinnacle of masculinity (it was an unintended consequence).
    That explains to some degree some Black/White relationships.

    Asian men, however, are not considered “masculine” (much in the same way the “nice Jewish guy” has a similar problem).

    This is why it is hard for Asian men to find white women willing to date them.

    White men, however, are highly prized by many Asian women (not all), since looks and colorism is rife in the Asian community.

    In the list of ethnicities to marry (handed down by grandma), many Asians will tell you that the Chinese are second (behind your own race) then the Koreans then the Japanese, then the Vietnamese.
    In truth, Whites are at the top, but this is unspoken.

  7. White (I think)

    Uh, Texas White boy…

    Gay Asian men are what you call a “fetish”–and a very small one at that.

    They have probably the hardest time of any minority in the gay community–bar none.

    If straight beauty standards are strict, gay ones are Nazi-like. Blond twinks are at the top, and Asians are at the bottom (way, way, way “below” blacks, who themselves are “below” Latinos).

    We could discuss this further, but it would take all day. Ask any gay Asian male.

    This is confounded by the fact that gay Asian males are exclusively in the position of Straight Asian males–hopelessly in love with White gay males (often to the point of explicitly NOT liking other gay Asian males); who will almost never return the affection (unless they are older, and off the market in the youth-obsessed gay world. And I mean OLDER–like 45 years old and up).

  8. White (I think)

    You read the study wrong. Asian women are not the “least discriminatory”:

    “We found no evidence of the stereotype of a white male preference for East Asian women. However, we also found that East Asian women did not discriminate against white men (only against black and Hispanic men). As a result, the white man-Asian woman pairing was the most common form of interracial dating—but because of the women’s neutrality, not the men’s pronounced preference. We also found that regional differences mattered. Daters of both sexes from south of the Mason-Dixon Line revealed much stronger same-race preferences than Northern daters.”

    They do discriminate.

  9. some suggestions:

    -vitamins (especially in bulk)
    -passing off their 16 year old children as under 12 in order to qualify for cheaper admission to theme parks, etc
    -stocking up on napkins, ketchup packets, and other free stuff from restaurants
    -not throwing away old food
    -getting haircuts from a family friend/acquaintance who operates a side business in their basement
    -fruit: lychees, Korean pears (pyris pyrifolia?), white peaches
    -incorporating water into home decorations (feng shui)
    -Toronto, Canada
    -traditional medicine, herbal medicine, ginseng
    -(you’ve already done some, but any Asian celebrity in any field): Yo-Yo Ma, Michelle Kwan, Yao Ming, Kristi Yamaguchi, etc
    -pop music
    -Asian “variety” shows
    -ordering only water/tea for beverages at restaurants
    -red beans

  10. this is rude utter rubbish bullsht u piece of sht racist. all yr posts on this site are xtremely offensive to asians. u r just generalizing everything n descibing asians after experiencing contact with an animefag random chinese or jap dude. there are all kinds of asians u fcktard, not only chinese ppl.
    u make it sound like asian ppl hate everything abt themselves n life is a constant struggle 2 become white. i hope u rot. bye.

  11. I know this is old, but I stumbled across this mess today, and have to comment. This article, as well as others, is very one-sided. White guys – from my experience – white guys ” most definitely like Asian girls. ”

    How ? Look at how America is so interested in Asian culture. White people are fascinated with Asian culture, from anime to fashion to electronics to music. I’ve dated a few white guys (there isn’t a large population of Asians where I live, sadly), and always get the same answer: Asian girls are adorable, small, and different than white girls. Must be true since there is a high number of white male-Asian female relationships. x]

    Also, I think a lot of Asian guys don’t date white girls because (out of the mouths of 90% of all the Asian guys I’ve asked in the past) white girls are materialistic, overweight, and slutty. I think those words typically define white American culture (you know, slutty celebrities, McDonalds all over the place, etc). Asian guys tend to have higher standards and morals (gotta love Asian parents <3).

  12. lol im clearly an asian guy, and i just wanna say that…the only reason that i would ever date a white girl is because i can easily get her to bed…Asian girls however, it’s pretty hard to get any from her until like a month or 2, when white girls only require 1 week, or maybe less. and i agree with Asian girl that white girls are “materialistic, overweight, and slutty” those are not really my type. Asian girls are cheap (which is a good thing cuz they dont spend all our money) and smart (she can help me with homework instead of just making me do all her hw) but cute ( NOT SLUTTY). lol so i rather date an asian girl than a white girl, just my opinion 🙂

  13. Oh hell. I can say many problem about “WHITE GIRL”

    1. Many porn website is all about white people girl sold they virigin just about money.
    2. White girl just interested about sex only.

    Hey you all know in Malaysia is care about virgin lah !!!!

  14. “lol im clearly an asian guy, and i just wanna say that…the only reason that i would ever date a white girl is because i can easily get her to bed…Asian girls however, it’s pretty hard to get any from her until like a month or 2, when white girls only require 1 week, or maybe less. and i agree with Asian girl that white girls are “materialistic, overweight, and slutty” those are not really my type. Asian girls are cheap (which is a good thing cuz they dont spend all our money) and smart (she can help me with homework instead of just making me do all her hw) but cute ( NOT SLUTTY). lol so i rather date an asian girl than a white girl, just my opinion ”

    I agree with you.

  15. yeah, i am filipino. here is some hope to asian guys: i grew up around all white people and girls, no asian friends, what some people call “whitewashed” . so i got used to going for white girls, and i have had good luck every time. Many white girls think i am cute, some say i am hot, despite the fact that some believe me to be chinese (i am 100% asian looking unlike a few hispanic looking filipinos). I have had dates with white girls, and i accept being asian.

  16. azn girls/women are not getting plastic surgery to look white, they’re getting it to look eurasian. and eurasian looking chics are more desirable compared to small eyes flat nose flat face flat chested asian girls.

  17. This is so silly. I’m a (moderately cute, THIN, blonde) white woman and I’ve been with my Korean husband for 7 happy years. This is all just stereotyping and perpetuating the racist myths that are all around us.

    Go after who you want, there are so many kinds of beautiful.

  18. What do we covet? We covet what we see everyday. I’m a caucasian female and I have to say I never really noticed Asian men until I moved to South Korea.
    After living there for 3 weeks everyone stopped looking the same and my own face started looking different to myself. I always thought my face looked round but suddenly it started to look long to me, my small nose now seemed too big, my eyes sunken and my round cheeks began to look like high cheekbones. And gradually Asian men started looking a lot better and caucasian guys began to look ugly with gangily faical features and bad clothes. Also some caucasian guys started to seem like male sluts.
    But dating Korean guys I found myself on the recieving end of the Western sterotypes. No matter how many times I told them not all Western girls were like the ones they saw on TV, some of them still expected me to put out early on. My personal view is that only about 20% of Western girls will put out early, anything more is just an exageration created by the media.

  19. “This is so silly. I’m a (moderately cute, THIN, blonde) white woman and I’ve been with my Korean husband for 7 happy years. This is all just stereotyping and perpetuating the racist myths that are all around us.

    Go after who you want, there are so many kinds of beautiful.”

    thankyou, ‘silly’ is an excellent word to describe this whole thread. you all takl about race like it’s the deciding factor, but the fact is, you fall in love for reasons far greater than that, if of course you are an enlightened and intelligent human being. you complain about steriotypes, then place them on others. you can fit anything into a paradigm if you want to, but that’s not really how the world works, it’s just the little bit that you see, and al of us can only ever really see a little bit, and even our perception of that will be influenced by so many other factors, our upbringing, or past experience, genetic makeup, education, physical, mental and emotional ability and more. there are so many interesting things in the world to discuss and understand and debate amoung friends and strangers, why are we wasting our time talking about what race likes what race and why? it’s not even based on any kind of fact and you can’t prove anything anyway. stop putting yourselves and each other into these pigeon holes.

  20. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb!

    I’m sorry but this post is a load of rubbish. As many people have said before, it’s completely one sided and stereotypical view on what is “Asian.” You make it out to seem that everyone hates themselves. Many East Asians I am sure are not getting plastic surgery just to look Caucasian. NEWSFLASH: White people get plastic surgery too. I think it’s perfectly normal and fine, if that is what you want then get it. It has nothing to do with hating your race. If a white person got a nose job to make their nose smaller, does that mean they want to look more Asian? No, it doesn’t. So just because East Asian people want to have bigger eyes does not mean that they want to look white. And not all East Asians feel that white people are better. I have many friends that prefer not to date whites, but only Asians.

    It sounds like YOU are the one with some self hate issues that you need work out. Don’t pin these stereotypes on ALL Asian people.

  21. Yeah..i agree with some of the people up there. This blog is very generalizing…and focuses too much on race…
    You can’t say that one thing is true for all the members of a certain race. Some White guys like Asian girls, but not all do. Some Asian girls like White guys, but not all. Many White girls find Asian guys unattractive. But some, like me, would love to date an Asian guy. And vice versa. Everyone has different tastes. And not every person bases their love on race. Let’s certainly hope not. And it’s just impossible to list a set of characteristics that is always true for one race, like some kind of scientific law. Because the Human race is too diverse.
    And that’s all there is to it.

  22. pardonmyblackvoice

    I have double folds (or whatever) in my eyes too. Thirty years and did not realize I had “White” eyes…until now. I shall go rejoice at the revelation. Thanks.

    ps. I think it absurd that any significant number of people of an ENTIRE RACE would go about gluing their eyes (if there is any truth to this) or otherwise fiddling with hereditary features. I hope these people come off of it.

  23. Wow, listin to all these jealous ugly asian girls on here. First of all, your bullshit. I’m 5’5 tall and about 115 pounds, NOT fat, dumbass. Think about that before you generalize. And you say you don’t get surgery to look white, more bullshit. You people adore our eyes, noses, skin color, hair color, everything. And yet, we like nothing about you. I’ve had many asian men approach me throughout my life, i’ve had some tell me I was more beautiful than any asian they’ve ever seen.

    Most asian women i’ve come across are annoying, try too hard to act cute and fail, are too fake (colored contacts, skin whiteners, hair bleaching, have to use a tool on their eyes). Sorry babes, but we have all those things naturally!

  24. another asian hater website and editor….
    It is very very sad you white ppl keep stereotyping asian guys… i have seen alot of them in action, getting picked up by hot white and spanish chics, and them doing successful pickup at bars in the
    u.s.a and canada… You nerdy fat white guys are scared to lose your girls to the “new hype” asianboy trophies….. as in your parent’s era, where white guys were afraid of losing their women to black guys… now they own your women and your businesses.

  25. im white (duh) and my boyfriend is asian, and he’s the best boyfriend i’ve ever had. just wanted to throw that out there!

  26. Umm I just wanted to say I’m a white girl, pretty tall and thin. I verrymuch disagree to what some people have said. I disagree that white girls sleep around because the truth is we can be just as hard to get as Asians. Seriously.. The media gives both Asians and whites a bad stereotype, I don’t think Asians try to make themselves white. I also think that when whites go out with Asians that it’s generally going to be because they like them for who they are.. Which is Asian clearly. You guys need to stop focouaing on the minority here. You stereotype white girls to be more slutty and to hve low standards the fact is alot of Asians I know have fallen pregnant at a young age or take drugs or drink under age. Not pointing the finger on Asians I’m just saying that not eerybodys the same. Most of my friends are Asian and I find Asians Attractive too.

  27. Very usefull infomation. Thank you.
    Keep it up

  28. Jess, “your people” don’t appear to have the tanned skin, smaller noses and “cat-like, almond-shaped” eyes that your celebrities so desire, though do they?

    And FYI, Asians get surgery to look EURASIAN, which is the “in” thing in the Far East now. I can show you many links to forums where Asians openly claim that they’re after the Eurasian look. And all of the features you describe occur naturally in many Asians. You clearly follow the “all look same” standard. Dumb ass.

    You’re 5’5″ and 115lbs? Congratulations – you’re underweight. Is that what you wanted to hear? You sound like you have some self-esteem issues. Stop taking it out on other people, slag.

  29. Oh haha, silly me, I forgot straight hair too. You guys love it.

  30. Wow, this is utterly ridiculous. The article itself is chock full of one sided generalizations and the comments do the same thing.I love the way you hypocrites whine that his article is stereotypical only to pull more stereotypes out of your @ss – and that goes for the whites and Asians on this board. Its the 21st century and you idiots still can’t stop stereotyping. Makes me embarrassed to be a part of the human race to see this crap.

  31. Just STOP! Let people be who they want to be.

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  33. its a physical attractions..or opposite attraction..white men likes brown girls, while white girls like black men..maybe because there too tired seeing white men, that’s why there are looking for something different..you know! =)

  34. Asian girls are sellouts, the truth is I can only fall in love with an asian girl. It sickens me to the core that they don’t believe the hatred towards their own people doesn’t apply to them. Goddammit the only girls who would sleep with me are white girls, but why the fuck would I wan’t to sleep with whole race of people who hate me, I have my pride. My piece of shit sister was a sellout too, that’s why I didn’t go to her wedding and exiled her from my life, because like most asian girls she doesn’t “understand”. Oh yeah you whites can find some solace in knowing your halfbreed children are going to be called “ching-chong”, Charlie, Pearl Harbor, and all the evil shit that you yourself spew out towards asian people. You won’t know what it feels like, but nothing is going to stop your own people from robbing them of their dignity. I love this fact as it pretains to you, but I am very saddened if your children will have to experience even half of the shit I do.

  35. Asians are fucking creepy.. No wonder whites hate you..

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