#41 Eye Enlargement

Posted March 20th, 2008 by everydayasian · 1 Comment

Fact: Asian women think that their eyes are ugly. They will go to many lengths to change the appearance of their eyes, from high-maintenance temporary alterations to more expensive and permanent options. So much so, that every Asian person has at least one sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, or friend who has tried to change their eyes.Big EyesThe most common things Asian women change are their “lids.” Asian eyelids usually have a single fold (otherwise known as a monolid), whereas Caucasian eyelids have “double folds.” It is this “double fold” that Asian women spend most their lives coveting.

Young girls often start off with cheap and easily accessible apparatuses for achieving double-fold eyelids: tape or glue. Using these tools, asians, with the help of some adhesive and plastic tools, make possible this “pleat” in their own skin. During their teenage years, Asian girls learn about this from an older sister or cousin. They will also develop the asian stare at this age, which will allow them to strike fear into the hearts of people everywhere. The Asian Stare heavily contributes to the enlarging of an asian’s eyes because it requires asians to expose as much of their irises as possible. It will also prepare them for motherhood, where the asian stare will keep their children from going out with friends *gasp*. With repeated use, the Asian Stare will cause a noticeable increase in iris radius, bringing asians one step closer to having eyes as wide as wet noodles.

These days, there is a relative newcomer in the world of Asian eye fake-outs: the circle lense. Circle lenses were made popular in Korea before the trend spread to other Asian countries and is slowly making its way to the United States. “Circle Lenses” are like colored contact lenses, except the colored portion is larger than a person’s actual iris. The reasoning is that making their irises appear larger makes asian eyes look bigger. The effect is more dramatic than folding their eyelids, and can sometimes be rather cartoon-like (look at all the anime characters). Asians may even freak people out by getting designs on their lenses, much like Michael Jackson did to the world when he turned white.

Does eye enlargement sound ridiculously strange to you, or are you a woman who finds this so appealing that you have to try it right now? Click Here to check out the many Youtube tutorials about how to glue your eyes. As asian women approach their 20’s or their high school/college graduations, they opt for plastic surgery so that they don’t have to use glue or tape everyday. Eyelid surgery is probably the most common plastic surgery for Asian women for this reason.

So why do asian women spend so much time and money trying to change their eyes? Somewhere along the way, they were given the message that Caucasian is what’s normal, and that it is preferable to have more White features. Flip through an Asian beauty or fashion magazine and if you look closely, the majority of models have done something to their eyes or noses to make them look more White. This is true whether the magazine is for Asian Americans or for old timers. Compact that with the globalization of Japanese cartoon characters, who all have eyes the size of tennis balls (sometimes even larger). School girls live their lives dreaming that they can become the next Sakura (cardcaptors) or Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon).

White beauty standards put pressure on Asian women even when they’re in their home countries (which is sad and doesn’t make much sense). For you Asian-American women who read beauty mags and never understand the part where they say “apply eyeshadow to the crease” – I suggest you check out the book Asian Faces where you can learn makeup techniques that show, not hide, your differences. Until then, there is no denying that Asians love to make their eyes look bigger.


7 responses to “#41 Eye Enlargement

  1. This is another stereotype. Asia is big, the asian people who have small eyes are in China, Japan,Korea, Thailand,Taiwan. they have also flat arse and chest in most cases.

  2. Yeah meme, I’m glad someone pointed this out. Nice how Oriental Asians have so neatly redefined themselves exclusively as being Asian. If I were from India, I’d be totally pissed. This is why I, for one, am starting to use the (so called) politically incorrect term “Oriental”. If Orientals want more respect from me, they’ll have to offer it first, rather than keep taking my money via the local Walmart. Indian people are quite kind, fair, respectful of others, just as everyone else in the rest of the world is. So maybe, India, you should be glad not to be lumped into the same group as those Oriental greed mongers.

    Down with China!

  3. blablabla, stereotype exclusively asian blablabla. you know what this post is directed to, just look at the posted pic on the page. btw, the supposedly 16 y/o chinese gymnast, He Kexin, had a nosejob. what do you think about that.

  4. pardonmyblackvoice

    My indian friend adamantly insists he is not Asian.

  5. what ever happened to “be happy with who you are not who you aren’t”

  6. “Asian eyelids usually have a single fold”

    The term “Asian” covets a wide variety of people with different ethnic heritage. Before you write ANYTHING that is designed to inform the general public, perhaps you should do your own research first.

    50% of the Asian Chinese population have “double eyelids”. Around 75% of Asian Filipinos and Thai do, and it occurs in perhaps only 25% of Koreans and Japanese.

    You are very misinformed.

    pardonmyblackvoice: Indians aren’t really Asian. They are genetically caucasoid – same as whites.

  7. Meme,

    You are also a moron. How about the Taiwanese that have aboriginal ancestry? My mother is Taiwanese, her eyes are bigger than my dad’s (who is fully white) and has 34D breasts. She is not overweight, is by no means flat-chested or “flat arsed”. She has an hourglass figure.

    Many Thai are Indo-Chinese, which means the vast majority of their population have BIGGER eyes. Korea, Japan and Vietnam are normally the countries with “single lids”.

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